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Julian Newman Net Worth 2024 , Career, And Personal Life

Julian Newman Net Worth 2024, Career, And Personal Life

One of the best prospects in the American amateur basketball scene is Julian Newman. He is exercising at Orlando’s Prodigy Prep training facility. She played as a point guard. She was 5 feet 7 inches tall. She drew the attention of many basketball analysts and coaches. Many basketball outfits have already called him the next great thing in the NBA.

Recent financial data projects Julian Newman’s net worth to reach $3 million by 2024. The majority of his income came from his varsity basketball career. Also, he has a ton of basketball videos with millions of views on YouTube. In 2015, he starred in the autobiographical film Born Ready. The documentary is currently available on the Elite Mixtapes YouTube channel.

Julian Newman Biography and Stats

Full Name Julian Newman
Date of Birth September 6, 2001
Age 20 years
Profession Basketball Player
Height 5′ 7″ feet
Weight 140 lbs
Siblings One
Father Name Jamie Newman
Net worth $3 million

In 2019, Overtime, a famous US sports network, debuted a reality series. The show “Hello Newmans” featured Julian Newman’s entire family. He collaborated with his father to create his own sportswear company, “Prodigy.” His merchandise is now available for buy at all his public and varsity games.

Julian Newman Early Career

At age three, he began expressing interest in basketball. Soon after, his father began teaching him. The other boys were older than Julian. They used regular-size basketballs. In a few years, he began working with his father. They practiced 100 free throws, 200 jump shots, and 200 floaters per day. After that, he enrolled in a public school. He began training for his school team in basketball, one of the most popular sports.

Newman’s father started his career as a basketball coach. He also taught history at Downey Christian School. It was a tiny, private school in Florida. Then, in the fall of 2012, he began attending that same school. He was in the fifth grade when he soon began playing for his middle school squad. During that period, he scored 91 points in a single game and set some incredible records. In recognition of his accomplishments, they promoted him to the varsity squad.

Julian Newman Net Worth

At eleven, he began playing in the varsity league. He was only four feet five and seventy pounds. But, his team competed outside the limits. They did not follow the rules of the Florida High School Athletic Association. He had to use a hair tie to tighten his outfit, even though he was wearing the smallest size available. His average in his first three varsity basketball starts was 12.4 points per game. During that time, he also guided his side to a 21–6 record.

Julian Newman High School Career

Even as a sixth grader, he scored an average of 17 points each game. A high school sports website called MaxPreps wrote a piece about him shortly after. It was on December 19, 2012. Then, ScoutsFocus, a well-known recruitment website, uploaded a video of his highlights to YouTube. The video got 3.5 million hits in a short amount of time. He was also given national recognition for that video.

Soon after, several American media outlets featured him in national headlines. Major publications, like Sports Illustrated and The New York Times, featured him. They hailed him as the greatest fifth-grader to play varsity basketball ever. Following that, Newman appeared on several TV chat shows. These include Good Morning America, Steve Harvey, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Newman was averaging 32.3 points, 6.9 assists, and 5.4 rebounds per game by his senior year (2019–20). The excitement had subsided, though. He never received a ranking for the Class of 2020 from sites like ESPN and 247 Sports.

Newman is no longer involved in high school basketball. For much of his academic career, he was a student at Downey Christian, but for his last season, he went to Prodigy Prep. 2020 saw him graduate from high school following a seven-year varsity basketball career.

Soon after, he got an invitation from the Orlando Magic. He would play during halftime of their NBA match. In a December 2013 feature, The Huffington Post said he was the best sixth-grader ever. He finished the season with a varsity basketball average of 13.6 points per game and 10.5 assists. The Tampa Bay Times identified him. They called him the most advertised young basketball player of 2014.

By the end of his high school career, Newman had accrued 6,246 points. This places him at No. 4 among all-time boys’ leading scorers in the country. This sum of points covers Newman’s varsity years from 2013 until 2020.

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Julian Newman Family and Childhood

Newman was born on September 6, 2001. He has mixed ancestry that includes Jewish, Puerto Rican, and American heritage. He is the first child born to Jamie Newman, his father, and Vivian Gonzalez, his mother. His father, Jamie, was an Orlando Colonial High School basketball player in the past. He has been the Downey Christian School basketball team’s coach since 2012. In addition, he recently established Prodigy Prep, a high school in Orlando.

Julian Newman Family

Vivian, Newman’s mother, was a point guard at University High School in Orlando. But, she is actually Puerto Rican. After that, she spent four years serving in the US Navy before joining the US Postal Service. Jaden Newman is Julian’s sister. She has appeared on TV shows, such as “The Queen Latifah Show,” and she plays varsity basketball. She entered the NCAA Division I program at the age of nine.

Is Julian Newman still playing basketball?

Newman has never played pro or college basketball. Many speculate this is because of his height. What is Julian Newman’s height, then?

“My height is 5 feet 5 inches, 5 feet 6 inches on paper,” Newman said on the Thanalysis podcast in May 2023.

Some have said Newman got fifteen D-I offers. But, he has a different account.

“I started thinking about colleges in 11th grade,” Newman said in a May 2023 Thanalysis podcast. “My hometown schools, UTSA, USF, and UCF, along with a few others, were among them. Above all, I needed to travel overseas for a few deals. My plan to play in the NBL fell through. That was my post-high school plan.

Where is Julian Newman now? 

Newman relocated to Las Vegas and is now a resident of Orlando.

During the May 2023 Thanalysis podcast, Newman said he is now launching a YouTube channel. Also, he is developing a program called “Beat Julian Newman.” Viewers will be able to play one-on-one against him.

Newman seems to be finally taking off with his YouTube channel. In the middle of July, he shared a teaser with the message, “The wait is finally over.” This Saturday, watch [my buddies and I] get active on the subway. The teaser suggests that Newman will rank “comedy” above basketball.

About Newman’s athletic career, he is currently awaiting a chance to play in the G League.


In conclusion, Julian Newman’s impact on the basketball world is undeniable. Julian started from humble beginnings. Then, he rose to fame. He captivated audiences with his exceptional talent and unwavering passion for the game. He continues to pursue his dreams. Julian Newman inspires countless people. He shows that with dedication, anything is possible.

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