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Top 10 Shortest NBA Players Of All Times

Shortest NBA Players Of All Times

Who wouldn’t want to watch the NBA’s shortest player dunk on someone? If you’re a fan of basketball, you’ll appreciate these NBA players who are the shortest. These guys are all shorties that can dunk with the best of them, from Muggsy Bogues to Charlie Criss.

If you’re an NBA fan and want to see some incredible dunks, have a look at these players that are the shortest!

10. Charlie Criss 

Worldwide, basketball fans like Charlie Criss as a player. He is famous for his ability to play defence well and his quickness in scoring points. The Philadelphia 76ers chose Charlie to be a player in 2010, and he has been with them ever since. In the list of Shortest NBA Players he is on No 10.
Standing just 5’9′′, he is among the NBA’s shortest players. With an average of one block each game, his defensive skills might be his greatest asset!

Charlie Criss is one of shortest NBA player.

9. Monte Towe 

In the second round of the 2016 NBA Draft, the Dallas Mavericks selected 6’5′′ forward Monte Towe. During his junior year of college ball at UNLV, he averaged 17 points and 11 rebounds per game.

Towe has not played in an NBA game. But he has played for the Dallas Mavericks (D-League) this season. He averaged 4 minutes and 14 seconds off the bench per contest.

In the list of Shortest NBA Players he is on No 9.

Monte Towe is shortesr player in this list at no 8.


8. Wat Misaka 

Eight-foot-tall Japanese athlete Wat Misaka is a current NBA player for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks selected him 48th overall in the 2013 NBA Draft. He was born on October 2, 1988, and now plays collegiate basketball for Siena College in New York.

Wat Misaka is comparable to superstars like Karl Malone and Yao Ming. He is a fantastic talent with a lot of potential. Because of his great height, he has drawn comparisons to these basketball greats. He will have an impact in the NBA.

In the list of Shortest NBA Players he is on No 8.

Wat Misaka is shortest player and falls at no eight.

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7. Red Klotz 

Red Klotz is the shortest player in NBA history and the shortest current player. He plays forward for the Indiana Pacers and stands 7’0″. Throughout his career, Red Klotz has averaged 2.3 points per game.

His ability to slam the ball with ease makes him an intriguing talent to watch. Klotz, who was of German and Icelandic ancestry, was born in the state of Washington on October 5, 1990..

In the list of Shortest NBA Players he is on No 7.

Red Klotz is the shortest player in NBA history.

6. Keith Jennings 

There was no player like Keith Jennings. He was among the shortest players in the NBA at six feet five. However, that didn’t keep him from succeeding. He was a flexible guard with the ability to score from beyond the arc, in the mid-range, and off the dribble.

He is most known for his time with the Milwaukee Bucks. He played for two seasons (1994–95 and 1995–96) and averaged 17 points per game. Jennings wasn’t particularly tall, but he was a great scorer off of pick and rolls.

In the list of Shortest NBA Players he is on No 6.

Keith Jennings is the short and thick player of NBA shortest players.

5. Greg Grant 

Greg Grant is a basketball icon. He is a five-foot-five point guard. He is famous for his excellent passing and ball-handling skills. The Detroit Pistons selected him 66th overall in the 1985 NBA Draft, and he played his whole career for them.

The Orlando Magic traded him in 1992. He won two titles there before he retired in 2000 at age 37. With 5,917 assists and 1,505 steals over his career, he leads all guards in both assists and steals.

All basketball players can find inspiration in Greg Grant’s story. We will always remember his excellent skills.

Greg Grant is also a short player in NBA history.

4. Spud Webb 

One player who is remembered is Spud Webb. He is most known for his time with the Sacramento Kings and Washington Wizards, playing for them from 1992 to 1994 and 1985 to 1989. Webb was among the tiniest players in NBA history, standing just 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Spud Webb is a short player in NBA history.

3. Mel Hirsch 

Despite being one of the NBA’s shortest players, Mel Hirsch still has a significant influence. He is a two-time champion and a three-time NBA All-Star. This season, he is leading the Charlotte Hornets in points, rebounds, and assists per game.

Mel Hirsch  is one of the shortest player in NBA history.

2. Earl Boykins 

Many need to be made aware of Earl Boykins. Despite his tiny stature, he had a significant impact on the league in his 13-year career. Earl Boykins has made 428 3-pointers to date, making him the all-time leader in the category.

He now works as a colour commentator for the Philadelphia 76ers, but he used to play for the Orlando Magic and the Philadelphia 76ers. He is a great role model for all short players, and his success story shows how to succeed in anything.

Earl Boykins shortest in NBA  history at no two.

1. Muggsy Bogues 

Muggsy Bogues was a lightning-fast athlete who excelled at taking advantage of his speed. In addition, he was among the greatest players of all time since he could play small forward and shooting guard.

After retiring from the NBA in 1998, Bogues committed his time to diabetes research and worked with diabetes support groups. He is a great basketball icon and the tiniest player in NBA history.

In the list of Shortest NBA Players he is on No 1.

Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player ever in NBA history.


I’ve included a list of the all-time shortest NBA players in my blog. They were the shortest players in their positions. They also had exceptional speed and agility. Many wonder how they managed to get so nimble.

I have to examine the many strategies and techniques the players used to perform well. I need to do this to respond to this issue.

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