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Top 10 Best Female MMA Athletes in the World

Best Female MMA Athletes in the World

Many female combatants are true champions in any given gaming field. True female champions inscribed their names in history. They demonstrated their ability as female MMA fighters despite fear and rage. The list of the Best Female MMA Athletes in this article reflects their status as strong women of the time. Let’s examine.

With commitment and training, pros are always polished. They polish rocks into crystals. Because of their dedication, skilled female athletes win the race.

Top 10 Best Female MMA Athletes – Rankings of 2024

10. Vanessa Porto



Vanessa Porto is ranked tenth on the list of Best Female MMA Athletes. She works with amateur boxers and mixed martial artists and has participated in various tournaments, such as the Invicta Fighting Championships. Weighing 124 pounds, she ranks second among female fighters.

She also competed in events for Brazilian advancement. In 2022, the MMA career ranked her among the top female competitors in mixed martial arts.

9. Holly Holm


Another female fighter whose career demonstrates her skill and effort is Holly Holm. She competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship as an American mixed martial artist. She is a recognized professional boxer who has won many world titles.

Her name appears on the list of the best female mixed martial artists for 2020. Her career performance is the reason for her ranking on the list. The UFC Women Bantamweight Champion is the title that she has.

8. Claudia Gadelha


Claudia Gadelha is a well-known woman whose name appears on the list of female fighters. She participated in the Ultimate Fighting Championship women’s strawweight class. She demonstrated why she was the youngest black belt in BJJ.

She has had a fantastic career as a female boxer. She also owns and operates BJJ and MMA schools, where she trains aspiring athletes. Her excellent performance makes her the best female mixed martial arts athlete.

7. Marloes Coenen


Since 2000, she has been a professional combatant in the world of elite athletics. She was the former Bantamweight Women’s Champion of Strikeforce. Rankings, she is the 2022 UFC female fighter. On the list of top Dutch mixed martial arts, her name appears.

The Unified Women MMA rating rates her. She holds the record for the most wins among 145-pound female fighters worldwide. She practices martial arts.

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6. Valentina Shecvchenko


MMA athlete’s name is on the list of Best Female MMA Athletes. Even from a very young age, she had an interest in fighting. She was young when she began to fight. Her mother also fought, and she had an impact on her. She also attended kickboxing classes.

The young athlete began kickboxing training very young. When she was 12, she defeated a 22-year-old player in a match.

5. Jennifer Maia


For the year 2024, Jennifer Maia ranks among the top female mixed martial artists. Her name appears on the list of top Brazilian women in mixed martial arts. She participated in flyweight competitions. She received her training at the renowned Chute Boxe Academy.

She signed with the Invicta Fighting Championships and is performing admirably. She holds the #2 ranking among female fighters weighing 125 pounds. She ranks in the Unified Women MMA Rankings.

4. Cristiane Cyborg Justino


Cristiane, an American martial artist with Brazilian ancestry, is scheduled to compete in the UFC as a female in 2022. When she competed, she was also the Strike Force Women Featherweight Champion. She goes by the famous moniker Cyborg. Because of her fantastic performance, she has gained more fans.

She ranked herself among the top female martial artists after competing in many games. She deserves to win the title of the year’s best female MMA athlete.

3. Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey appears on the list ofBest Female MMA Athletes in mixed martial arts. She is an American mixed martial artist who was the first female American to win a bronze medal at the Olympics. She won the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008.

Ronda was the previous women’s bantamweight champion of the UFC. On Google, she is the most searched-for person, and her records attest to her popularity.

2. Amanda Nunes


Amanda Nunes is a stunning female mixed martial artist. She stands unmatched in the world of fashion. She was born and raised in Brazil, and she began boxing training at four years old. She was a skilled competitor in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighting sport.

It is because of her exceptional performance that she is at the top of the list. She was a teenage athlete who trained herself for boxing.

1. Joanna Jedrzejczyk – Best Female MMA Athletes


In mixed martial arts and Best Female MMA Athletes, Joanna Jedrzejcyk ranks first among female fighters. She is a Polish mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC women’s strawweight class. She competed for the title of European champion in UFC history. She won as the top female strawweight.

Joanna made an impact in Muay Thai, winning six titles overall and four in Europe. She ranks among the top female athletes.



The greatest female mixed martial arts athletes in history. Athletes have indicated their worth. Even if athletes have tremendous or terrible careers. People always remember their performances. Their exceptional performances earned the female fighters a spot on the list. They are well-known athletes.

You may have learned enough about the performance of the top-ranked MMA competitors from this article.


Who is considered the most outstanding female MMA fighter of all time?

  • The title of the best female MMA fighter is often debated. Names like Ronda Rousey, Amanda Nunes, and Cris Cyborg are frequently mentioned. They are known for their contributions to the sport.

How has women’s MMA evolved over the years?

  • Women’s MMA has changed. It used to be a niche part of the sport. Now, it’s mainstream. There are now more chances, recognition, and competition at all levels.

Are there any up-and-coming female MMA athletes to watch?

  • Yes, many promising up-and-coming female MMA athletes exist. They include Kayla Harrison, Mackenzie Dern, and Tatiana Suarez. They have already shown great potential in their divisions.

What challenges do female MMA athletes face in the industry?

  • Female MMA athletes often face challenges. These include unequal pay, few sponsorship opportunities, and stereotypes about women’s combat abilities. However, their perseverance and dedication continue to break down barriers.

What role has UFC played in the growth of women’s MMA?

  • The UFC has played a significant role in the growth of women’s MMA. It has done this by giving female fighters a platform to show their skills and giving them equal chances for competition and recognition alongside men.

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