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Diego Maradona Net Worth In 2024

What was Diego Maradona’s Net Worth in 2024?

At the time of his passing, Diego Maradona, an Argentine football coach, manager, and former professional soccer player, had a net worth of $500,000. At 60, Maradona passed away on November 25, 2020. Diego received salary and endorsements totaling tens of millions of dollars during his tenure as a player and coach. He was among the world’s highest-paid athletes in the early 1980s, taking home several million dollars annually from endorsement deals with brands like Hublot, Puma, and Coca-Cola. Regretfully, he had some financial problems in later life, which we discuss more in this piece.

He is regarded by many as the greatest soccer player of all time (but Pele and Maradona are usually the favorites). Diego’s amazing dribbling technique and exhilarating sprints past many defenders delighted the crowd. In addition, he was a natural goal scorer with exceptional playmaking skills and the ability to finish set pieces easily. Due to his contribution to the Argentine national team’s 1986 World Cup victory, Maradona is revered as a national hero.

Diego’s personal life outside of sports completely overshadowed his professional career in terms of scandal, even if he frequently lacked sportsmanship on the field. Maradona has battled drug addiction, money troubles, health concerns, and the demands of global stardom throughout his life.

Career Earnings Of Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona’s pay alone between 1984 and 1991 was $43 million. After accounting for inflation, that is equivalent to earning about $100 million in current currency.

Diego became the only earner for his destitute family when he made his professional debut for Argentinos Juniors at 15. He made an immediate impression on the national scene and was paid $4 million by the Boca Juniors to get him in 1981. After a poor World Cup campaign, he moved to Barcelona in 1982, spending only a year at the team he had supported as a boy.

There was a lot of excitement when he finally arrived at Barcelona, a team that broke the record by paying $7.6 million to sign the young star. Maradona’s time in the Catalan city was tainted by several contentious situations, even though he was still highly regarded by Spanish supporters and performing admirably for the club. Diego attacked multiple Athletic Bilbao players during a violent altercation in 1984, and he even knocked one of them unconscious with a knee to the head. Following the altercation, which resulted in a full-fledged riot inside the stadium, Maradona was fired from FC Barcelona.

Napoli paid over $10.5 million for the Argentine, shattering Diego’s previous record transfer fee. Diego was at the top of his game during one of the squad’s real golden periods, helping them win two trophies, including the first in team history. Diego had a key role in Argentina’s 1986 World Cup victory during this time. He famously used his hand to strike the ball to score in a contentious 2-1 victory over England. Later on, when questioned about it, Maradona refuted the handball and said it was “the hand of God.” One of the most frequently cited incidents in soccer history is now the comment.

His off-field personal life eventually led to a sharp downturn in his playing career. The 1990 World Cup was a letdown for Maradona and the Argentina squad. He had to quit Napoli in 1992 after a cocaine test result came back positive. He was eliminated from the World Cup in 1994 following another failed drug test. He played for teams like Sevilla and Newell’s Old Boys throughout the ensuing years, then finished his career by going back to Boca Juniors.

The Life of Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona, often hailed as one of the greatest footballers in history, captivated the world with his extraordinary skills, charisma, and controversial persona. From his humble beginnings in Argentina to his meteoric rise to fame on the football pitch, Maradona’s journey is one of triumphs, setbacks, and enduring legacy.

Life of Diego Maradona

Childhood in Villa Fiorito

Born on October 30, 1960, in Villa Fiorito, a poverty-stricken suburb of Buenos Aires, Maradona faced numerous challenges from an early age. Raised in a large family with modest means, he discovered his passion for football at a young age and honed his skills playing in the streets of his neighborhood.

Rising Through the Ranks: Maradona’s Football Journey

Maradona’s prodigious talent was evident from the outset, and he quickly rose through the ranks of Argentine football. At 15, he made his professional debut for Argentinos Juniors, showcasing his exceptional dribbling ability, vision, and goal-scoring prowess.

Health Problems

Maradona’s physical and general health deteriorated even before his playing retirement. His partying habits became out of control at Napoli, where he would spend the bulk of the week between games. As his career ended, he also started to gain weight and appeared less and less fit. Diego’s health took a far worse turn when he retired. He gained weight swiftly and reached a peak weight of 280 pounds. In 2005, he underwent gastric bypass surgery as a solution to his obesity.

Maradona was hospitalized in 2007 as a result of hepatitis and the negative effects of severe drinking despite his ongoing abuse of alcohol. Soon after receiving therapy for his addictions, Diego left a mental health hospital despite early rumors of his death. He said in 2007 that he hadn’t used drugs or alcohol in a long time. After collapsing in the stands in 2018, he needed paramedics’ attention while watching Argentina play in the FIFA World Cup. Diego drank white wine, cursed at spectators in the vicinity, and gave the cameras the finger throughout the game. He had therapy in 2019 for internal bleeding brought on by a hernia.

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Maradona’s Impactful Stints with Clubs

Maradona played for several top clubs, including Boca Juniors, Barcelona, and Napoli, throughout his illustrious career. During his time with Napoli, he achieved legendary status, leading the club to its first-ever Serie A titles in 1987 and 1990.

International Success: Maradona with the Argentine National Team

Maradona’s crowning moment on the international stage came during the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico, where he led Argentina to victory with a series of unforgettable performances. His iconic “Hand of God” goal against England and mesmerizing solo effort against Belgium remain in football folklore.

Maradona’s Battle with Substance Abuse

Despite his on-field exploits, Maradona’s career was often overshadowed by off-field controversies and personal struggles. He battled with substance abuse throughout his life, which affected his health and career at various points.

Legal and Financial Issues

In addition to his battles, Maradona faced legal and financial troubles. His off-field issues often made headlines and tarnished his reputation, from tax evasion charges to disputes with clubs and sponsors.

Understanding Maradona’s Wealth Accumulation

Diego Maradona’s net worth was a subject of speculation throughout his life, with estimates varying widely. While he earned substantial sums from his playing career, endorsements, and coaching roles, mismanagement and legal battles also took a toll on his finances.

Assets and Investments

Maradona invested in various ventures, including real estate, businesses, and charitable projects. However, his extravagant lifestyle and financial missteps led to periods of financial instability.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Despite his troubles, Maradona remained a highly sought-after figure for endorsements and sponsorships. His charismatic persona and enduring popularity ensured lucrative deals with leading brands, further boosting his income.

Maradona’s Enduring Impact on Football

Regardless of his struggles, Diego Maradona’s impact on football and popular culture cannot be overstated. His unparalleled skill and flair inspired generations of players, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Cultural Icon and Symbol of Resilience

Maradona’s legacy transcends football, as he became a cultural icon and symbol of resilience for millions worldwide. His rags-to-riches story, charisma, and defiance in the face of adversity continue to resonate with fans across generations.


Diego Maradona’s net worth may have fluctuated over the years, but his legacy as one of the greatest footballers ever remains untarnished. From his humble beginnings in Villa Fiorito to his iconic moments on the football pitch, Maradona’s impact will continue to be felt for years.

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