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Top 7 Greatest Female Tennis Players 2024 Guide

Introduction to Greatest Female Tennis Players

Tennis, often considered a gentleman’s sport, has seen remarkable transformations over the decades, particularly in its embrace of female athletes. Female tennis players have left an indelible mark on the sport’s history, from the early pioneers who shattered societal norms to the contemporary icons who redefine athletic excellence.

Greatest Female Tennis Players in History

1. Steffi Graf


Steffi Graf


Based on her remarkable resume, Steffi is undoubtedly the best female tennis player ever, having won more grand slams than Serena Williams during the Open Era. Graf is the only individual to have accomplished the Calendar Golden Slam and many incredible accomplishments.

She was also acknowledged at her height for consistently ranking among the most attractive female athletes. Even years after her official retirement, Graf remains an inspiration to millions of people worldwide.

Graf had the highest % of Grand Slam victories (278-32 overall) of any player, at 89.67%. Furthermore, she is the only woman to have won Wimbledon nine times.

2. Martina Navratilova


Martina Navratilova


Former American tennis player Martina Navratilova turned in one of the best matches in tennis history. She instituted a diet and off-court exercise program that revolutionized the physical aspects of tennis.

Right now, she’s regarded as one of the fittest female athletes and the ideal role model for aspiring athletes. Martina won multiple titles in the WTA events last year. 59 Grand Slam titles have been won by her (in doubles, singles, or mixed doubles).

Martina has won 167 Open Era singles titles. Not only has Martina prevailed in 19 consecutive Grand Slam semifinal games. She is the only player to have won in at least eight competitions seven or more times.

3. Serena Williams 


Serena Williams 


Serena Williams is now the best tennis player of all time because of her incredible career achievements. Even after having kids, she has succeeded in every aspect of the sports sector, especially tennis. She dominates the other contestants because she won the competition.

It’s doubtful that any athlete has ever possessed such dominance over their sport as Williams has for more than 20 years. When she’s at her best, she never offers anyone else even the slightest advantage. Because of this, she continues to hold the distinction as the most important athlete of all time.

The best female player is Serena Williams, who has won 23 Grand Slams in women’s singles competition. She has five wins at the Australian Open under her belt.

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4. Chris Evert 


Chris Evert 


Chris Evert quickly became the most successful female tennis player during her career. She was virtually unbeatable at one point in the 1970s because of her overwhelming dominance of women’s tennis. Over her illustrious career, she participated in several of the greatest French Open tournaments.

During and after their playing careers, she and Martina Navratilova also formed a rivalry that has been the focus of years of research and discussion.

While one play was the norm, her two-handed backhand stroke was a novel approach. Because she was so skilled at it, she could defend off the wing to an extent that very few people in her generation could.

Because of her incredible accomplishments in the late 1990s at a relatively young age, she rose to become one of the greatest female tennis players in history. The world’s top female tennis player, a child prodigy who dominated the women’s league and established multiple records, was still a teenager.

5. Martina Hingis


Martina Hingis


She is among the most gifted young athletes in the world. Years after retiring, she returned to the tennis scene and won several Grand Slam doubles titles, which helped her become well-known in her 30s.

Even with her imaginative scoring style, Hingis played the entire match within the same baseline. Her deft use of subtle touches and intriguing masquerade captivated astute observers and fearful opponents. Hingis participated in the 1999 Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia, as a singles champion.

6. Monica Seles


Monica Seles


Among the greatest-ever female tennis players is a former American player named Monica Seles. She has nine Grand Slam trophies to her record and was once the best female tennis player in the nation. In addition, she has written, spoken, and competed in Dancing with the Stars in 2008.

She also presently serves as the head of one of the best tennis schools in the world. In the early 1990s, Selena dominated the women’s touring scene, and very few other women have achieved the same popularity.

She was stabbed, but she still managed to accomplish nine Grand Slams, which is a remarkable testament to her incredible mental toughness and talent. She is also the only sportsperson to have won the Australian Open three times in a row.

7. Caroline Wozniacki


Caroline Wozniacki


In addition to having a very successful career, Caroline Wozniacki has a fantastic reputation. Wozniacki has achieved numerous other successes in addition to her Grand Slam victory.

A young athlete with a high degree of fitness has the potential to win multiple awards in the future. Stephens’ primary strengths—her foot strength and steadiness—have allowed her to rank among the top female tennis players. In addition, she is among the most beautiful female tennis players of all time. She will nearly always be able to neutralize her opponent’s power and outperform everyone else in percentage tennis.

Beyond the Game: Off-Court Influence

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Female tennis players have leveraged their platform to champion various social causes and charitable initiatives. From Serena Williams’s advocacy for gender equality to Naomi Osaka’s support for mental health awareness, these athletes are using their voices to drive positive change both on and off the court.

Leadership and Empowerment

In addition to their on-court achievements, female tennis players are role models for aspiring athletes worldwide. Their leadership, resilience, and unwavering determination inspire millions of fans to pursue their dreams and strive for excellence in all aspects of life.


Female tennis players have left an indelible mark on the sport’s history, from the early pioneers who defied the odds to the contemporary icons who continue to push the boundaries of athletic excellence. Their remarkable achievements, both on and off the court, testify to the power of perseverance, determination, and unwavering passion. As we celebrate the greatest female tennis players of all time, let us also recognize their enduring legacy and their profound impact on the world of sports and beyond.

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