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Top 10 Greatest Test Innings Of All Time – 2024 Updated

Introduction Of Greatest Test Innings Of All Time 

Test cricket, the longest format of the game, is often regarded as the ultimate test of a cricketer’s skill, temperament, and endurance. Over the years, numerous players have produced remarkable innings that have etched their names in cricketing folklore. In this article, we delve into some of the greatest test innings of all time, celebrating the performances that have stood the test of time.

Understanding the Significance of Test Cricket

Test cricket is revered for its rigorous examination of players’ abilities across multiple days of play. Unlike limited-overs formats, test matches demand patience, resilience, and adaptability from players. Therefore, a standout innings in a test match carries significant weight, as it often requires the batsman to navigate various challenges posed by the opposition and the conditions.

Factors That Make an Inning Great

Skill and Technique

The batsman’s skill and technique are at the heart of every great inning. The ability to negotiate swing, seam, spin, and bounce while maintaining impeccable shot selection showcases the highest level of batting prowess.

Pressure Situations

The greatest innings often emerge under pressure. Whether chasing a daunting total or rescuing the team from a precarious position, the ability to thrive under pressure separates the best from the rest.

Match Context

The context of the match also plays a crucial role in defining the greatness of an innings. Innings played in series-deciders, against arch-rivals, or in challenging conditions hold a special place in cricketing history.

Greatest Test Innings of all time | 2024 Updates

10. Brian Lara – 375

Brian Lara - 375

  • Against England at Antigua in 1993-94
  • Wisden Rating: 228.1

In his match against England, Brian Lara scored 375 runs, shattering Garry Sobers’s previous mark of 368. One of the all-time great left-handed batsman, Lara, batted without giving up for the better two days.

And on our list of the all-time finest test innings, his inning currently sits at number ten. Angus Fraser, Andy Caddick, and Phil Tufnell were among the bowling attack members against whom he produced an outstanding blow.

After two months, Lara broke yet another world record when he scored the greatest amount of runs in a First-Class cricket innings (501*).


9. Kim Hughes – 100*

Kim Hughes - 100*

  • Against West Indies at Melbourne in 1981-82
  • Wisden Rating: 229.7

The two events defining Kim Hughes’ legacy are Australia’s 1981 Ashes series loss to England and his heartfelt captaincy resignation against the West Indies. He is worthy of greater than that, though.

Among the best batsmen of his generation, Kim Hughes had his better moments when playing the West Indies. With all their hatred and diversity, Michel Holding, Andy Roberts, Joel Garner, and Croft present the finest fast-bowling quarters ever.

Hughes played a bold and fluid hundred on a tricky pitch, belying his youthful, even angelic appearance. Made from just 198, it gave Australia the advantage in a low-scoring game and a 1-0 series lead.


8. Azhar Mahmood – 132

Azhar Mahmood - 132

  • Against South Africa at Durban in 1997-98
  • Wisden Rating: 232.6

Then, with Pakistan deeply in difficulty, 22-year-old Azhar Mehmood emerged as a promising all-rounder. Pakistan had five wickets at 89 runs. After that, Azhar arrived at the stadium and produced one of history’s most brilliant test innings.

Against South Africa, he achieved his third century in six innings. He never looked back after that.

Allan Donald and Shaun Pollock led a bowling attack that Fanie de Villiers and Lance Klusener backed against him. Azhar won the match for Pakistan by 29 runs, accounting for 90% of the team’s last 106 runs.


7. Clem Hill – 188

Clem Hill - 188

  • Against England at Melbourne in 1897-98
  • Wisden Rating: 234.2

When his country’s team needed such batting, Clem Hill produced an incredible knock. Australia fell apart at 57 runs for six wickets after being bowled out extremely quickly by Tom Richardson and nicked by JT Hearne.

With an innings of 165 for the seventh wicket against Hugh Trumble, Clem Hill turned the tide of the Test match between Australia and England and reclaimed the Ashes. It was arguably the greatest innings in Test history.

This outstanding cricketer’s playing career merits recognition as one of the all-time best test innings.


6. VVS Laxman – 281

VVS Laxman - 281

  • Against Australia at Kolkata in 2000-01
  • Wisden Rating: 234.8

Australia was undoubtedly going to make it 17 in a row after winning their previous 16 Test matches, including the opening game of this series, to set an incredible global record.

On a day when Australia conceded 335 runs without taking any wickets, Rahul Dravid came out to join Laxman, forcing India to continue. In comparison, they were still 42 runs behind with six wickets remaining.

When hitting Shane Warne, one of the best spinners of all time, Laxman was especially harsh, frequently coming down the field to strike Warne against the spin. Nonetheless, he maintained his optimism in the face of legendary Glenn McGrath and extraordinarily gifted Jason Gillespie’s pace.

5. Don Bradman – 299*

Don Bradman - 299*

  • Against South Africa at Adelaide in 1931-32
  • Wisden Rating: 236.8

If Alan Kippax had not run out, Sir Donald Bradman, one of the greatest batters in history, may have reached a triple century. Bradman had now scored seven centuries in a row.

Of Bradman’s 299* runs, just 92 came via Boundaries. In this inning, he scored 58% of Australia’s runs.

This outstanding inning by one of the greatest cricketers of all time deserves recognition as one of the best test innings ever.


4. Ian Botham – 149*

Ian Botham

  • Against Australia at Headingley in 1981
  • Wisden Rating: 240.8

England trailed by 92 runs in the second inning and had three wickets remaining. Together with Graham Dilley, Botham scored an additional 117 runs in 80 minutes.

Against the hardest pace attack, which included Dennis Lillee, Terry Alderman, and Geoff Lawson, he scored. His genius meant England became the first team to win a Test match after following on from 1894 to 1855.


3. Graham Gooch – 154*

Graham Gooch - 154*

  • Against West Indies at Headingley in 1991
  • Wisden Rating: 252.0

In addition to Patrick Patterson’s vengeful speed, Graham Gooch performed a masterful knockout against all-time greats like Malcolm Marshall, Courtney Walsh, and Curtly Ambrose.

Gooch made over 60% of England’s second-inning runs in poor light on an uncomfortably slow Headingley surface (no one else reached more than 27).

During his historic innings, he hit eighteen fours. Gooch secured England’s first home victory over the West Indies since 1969 and became the first opener to carry his bat in a Test match for the first time in 11 years.

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2. Brian Lara – 153*

Brian Lara - 153*

  • Against Australia at Bridgetown in 1998-99
  • Wisden Rating: 255.2

It is commonly and rightfully believed that Brian Lara’s undefeated 153 against the Australians at Bridgetown is the best chase innings in Test cricket history. Australia had the upper hand in the first three days of the third test.

Setting the tone with a gritty 199, Australia scored 490, led by Steve Waugh. West Indies lost to 98 for 6 when Sherwin Campbell and Ridley Jacobs’ partnership of 153 started the comeback.

The West Indies kept up their comeback the following day, knocking the Australians out for 146 and leaving them needing 308 to win. The cause was lost when three early wickets went on the fourth evening. Lara was two not out overnight. Day Five saw the West Indies’ fortunes worsen until they were 105 for 5.


1. Don Bradman – 270

Don Bradman - 270

  • Against England at Melbourne in 1936-37
  • Wisden Rating: 262.4

Bradman was leading Australia in its first-ever Test Series. Bradman made a duck in the first two Test Matches, which Australia lost by enormous margins.

Australia was 97 for 5 wickets and in serious trouble in the third match. When Bradman left the crease, he was also experiencing flu symptoms.

Don Bradman, one of the all-time greats in cricket, played an innings. He and Jack Fingleton shared a record stand of 346.

Australia won this test match by 365 runs. With 810 runs, Bradman led all scorers in this series. That was, without question, the best test innings in history.


In the rich tapestry of test cricket history, certain innings shine brighter than others, immortalizing the names of the batsmen who authored them. From Bradman to Lara, Laxman to Waugh, these innings serve as timeless reminders of the beauty and brilliance of the game’s longest format.

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