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Top 10 Longest Sixes In Cricket – Biggest Sixes Till 2024

Longest Sixes In Cricket

Cricket, often referred to as a gentleman’s game, is known for its moments of sheer brilliance and excitement. Among the various spectacles that cricket offers, one of the most exhilarating sights is witnessing a cricket ball being sent soaring into the stands for a six. The sheer power and technique required to achieve this feat make it a moment for players and fans alike to remember.

Importance of Long Sixes in Cricket

In cricket, hitting a six is not just about scoring runs; it’s about making a statement. Longest Sixes adds valuable runs to the scoreboard and serves as a morale booster for the batting team. It can change the course of a match, demoralizing the opposition while energizing the crowd.

Top Players Known for Hitting Longest Sixes

Throughout cricket history, several players have made a name for themselves as prolific six-hitters. Players like Chris Gayle, Shahid Afridi, and MS Dhoni are renowned for clearingndaries quickly. Their powerful hitting techniques and immense strength have left a lasting impact on the game.

10. MS Dhoni – 112m Six vs Australia

Let’s start with MS Dhoni, aka “Mr Cool.” The Indian team’s most successful skipper is MS Dhoni. When he cleared the most extended Adelaide Oval boundary under extreme circumstances during the 2011–12 Commonwealth Bank Series, it stands out as one of MSD’s most remarkable and memorable sixes. MSD produced a stunning hit, sending the ball hurtling 112 meters (6 yards) over the boundary.

With India, Australia, and Sri Lanka competing, it was the first time Australia had hosted a tri-series since 2007–08. Even though the home team prevailed, Dhoni’s six was one of the tour’s most incredible moments. MSD is, without a doubt, among the most destructive six-hitters in cricket history.

MS Dhoni

9. Ijaz Ahmed Longest Six – 115m Six vs England

Ahmed was a former cricket player for Pakistan who represented the country in ODIs and test matches between 1986 and 2001. Middle-order right-handed batter Ijaz Ahmed was. He was a dangerous hitter as well as a lovely timing of the cricket ball.

In the match against England, Ijaz Ahmed struck the ball 115 meters six, smashing his career’s most significant hit. He is at number nine on the list of longest sixes in cricket history.

Ijaz Ahmed

8. Daniel Christian | Longest Six in Big Bash

Australian cricket player Daniel Christian, an all-rounder, was born in 1983. In 19 one-day internationals and 15 T20 internationals, he played for Australia. Daniel Christian is a Big Bash League player for the Hobart Hurricanes.

He unleashed his monster six when he hit the ball out of the park in the Big Bash League in 2015.

Daniel Christian

7. Corey Anderson Biggest Six – 122m Six vs India

When Corey Anderson made his debut against the West Indies, he did it in just 36 balls, smashing the record held by Shahid Afridi, an 18-year-old, for the fastest ODI century ever.

He blasted a ball for a 120-meter six against India on the roof of the Napier Cricket Ground. That bowler, Mohammed Shami, was unlucky.

Corey Anderson

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6. Chris Gayle’s Longest Six With His Biggest Cricket Bats

Big man Chris Gayle is one of the most dangerous hard-hitters in cricket history. Chris Gayle’s inclusion on the list of batters who have hit the longest sixes in cricket history makes perfect sense.

There’s no need to introduce Chris Gayle. His ability to hit the ball over the fence at any location is well-known. To witness his skill, let’s watch the video above.

Chris Gayle

5. Shahid Afridi Monster Six vs Andrew Simonds

Sixer King, LaLa, and Boom Boom. No one in the cricket world does not know about this hitting wizard. In the first eighteen years of his career, he held the world record for the quickest fifty and fastest century in one-day international cricket.

He no longer plays one-day cricket, but not before making some incredible innings and hitting massive sixes. The longest six in history was hit by Shahid Afridi off Andrew Simonds’ ball.

Shahid Afridi

4. MS Dhoni Long Six vs New Zealand

One of the greatest captains in cricket history, MS Dhoni, was regarded as one of the sport’s finest finishers. He is also a power batter in the interim. Against New Zealand, MS Dhoni struck a spectacular six without even looking at the ball after it left his fantastic bat.

This heightened the tension and made his six even more memorable. After winning the Test series, India went on to win the match and the series.

3. Mark Waugh’s Longest Six in Test Cricket

Mark Waugh, an exquisite and stylish opening batsman from Australia, deserves a spot on this list.

In this list of the longest sixes in test cricket, this is the sole six. In 1997, Mark Waugh struck a spectacular six off Daniel Vettori’s bowling in Perth.

Mark Waugh

2. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj, the sixth king, is renowned for his massive sixes. He holds the records for the fastest T20 International Fifty (12 Balls) and the most consecutive sixes in T20i. Any cricket fan worldwide would have enjoyed watching him hit a ball with his powerful backlift.

The most elegant hard hitter in cricket history is Yuvraj. Brett Lee barely let him one flick at the ball, and it was well from the boundary.

Yuvraj Singh

1. Shahid Afridi – 158m Six

Afridi is a fierce cricket player with numerous world records for colossal hitting and scoring at a quick strike rate. He has the record for the most one-day international sixes ever.

In terms of test, ODI, and t20 cricket combined, he also holds the record for the most sixes in international cricket. But above all, there was that sixer. Yes, that was a monster. 158 feet? Yes, it measured 158 meters in length.


In conclusion, long sixes are an integral part of cricket, adding excitement and spectacle to the game. From iconic players to historic stadiums, the sport is filled with moments that showcase the sheer power and skill required to hit a cricket ball out of the park. As technology advances and players push the boundaries of their abilities, the future of long sixes in cricket looks brighter than ever.


What is the longest-recorded six in cricket history?

The longest recorded six in cricket history is believed to have been hit by Shahid Afridi, measuring an astonishing distance of over 150 meters.

Do certain cricket bats help in hitting longer sixes?

Modern cricket bats with more prominent sweet spots and lighter weights can aid players in hitting longer sixes by generating more power and bat speed.

How do weather conditions affect the distance of a six?

Weather conditions such as wind speed and humidity can impact the distance a cricket ball travels. Tailwinds can help carry the ball further, while headwinds may hinder its trajectory.

Are there any safety concerns associated with long sixes?

Yes, long sixes can pose safety concerns for spectators, especially those near the boundary ropes. Cricket stadiums implement safety measures to protect spectators from errant shots.

Can anyone learn to hit long sixes, or is it a natural talent?

While natural talent certainly plays a role, hitting long sixes is also a skill that can be developed through practice, proper technique, and physical conditioning.

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