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Top 7 Tallest Female Tennis Players in the History 2024 Guide

Tallest Female Tennis Players


Tennis, a sport known for its diversity in player physique, has seen the emergence of exceptionally tall female athletes. These towering figures not only showcase exceptional skill but also challenge the traditional norms of the game. This article delves into the world of the tallest female tennis players, exploring their impact on the sport and their journey to success.

Historical Perspective

Throughout tennis history, several tall female players have left an indelible mark. Icons like Lindsay Davenport and Maria Sharapova, standing at 6 feet 2 inches, paved the way for future generations.

Current Generation

In the contemporary tennis landscape, players like Karolina Pliskova and Maria Sakkari stand tall, captivating audiences with their powerful serves and commanding presence on the court.

Physical Advantages

Tall stature in tennis offers inherent advantages, such as greater reach, which can be advantageous in executing powerful serves and dominating rallies from the baseline.

Challenges Faced

Despite their physical advantages, tall players face unique challenges, including agility and mobility issues requiring specialized training and conditioning.

Role Models

Tall female tennis players are inspiring role models for aspiring athletes, demonstrating that height is not a barrier to success.

Training and Fitness

To harness their physical attributes effectively, tall players undergo rigorous agility, speed, and strength training regimens.

Impact on the Game

The presence of tall female players has transformed the game’s dynamics, introducing new playing styles and strategies.

Media and Public Perception

While tall players garner attention for their imposing presence, they face scrutiny and stereotyping from the media and the public.

Career Achievements

Many tall female tennis players have achieved remarkable success, including Grand Slam titles and Olympic medals, solidifying their place in tennis history.

Style of Play

Tall players often rely on powerful serves and aggressive baseline play, dictating the tempo of matches with their imposing presence.

Top 7 Tallest Female Tennis Players

Let’s take a look at seven of the all-time great female athletes who continue to serve as inspiration to young women everywhere.

7. Eva Hrdinova



Eva Hrdinova is among the tallest female tennis players at six feet three inches. Throughout, she has been an extremely exceptional player. Among her accomplishments on the ITF circuit are three single titles and nineteen double titles.

Jiri Hrdina is Petr Pech’s coach, while Karel Rubas is Eva’s off-court trainer. She makes excellent forehand shots. She is undoubtedly one of the best tennis players ever because of the elegance she delivers her game.

6. Maria Sharapova 



Maria Sharapova stands six feet two inches tall as a professional tennis player from Russia. She is also regarded as one of the most stunning female tennis players. Maria was the youngest woman to win the Grand Slam in history.

Maria’s incredible accomplishment of defeating Serena to win Wimbledon came when she was barely 17. With more than a thousand endorsements under her belt, she is also among the most marketable athletes.

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5. Ana Ivanovic 



Ana Ivanovic is a professional tennis player from Serbia. At six feet and five inches, she is one of the marvels Serbia has produced since Novak Djokovic. Around the world, Ana is also followed by a million fans.

Ana has an unrivalled drive to succeed and pursue a luxurious tennis career. Not only is she well-known for her height, but her grace, breathtaking beauty, and remarkable abilities contribute significantly to her extraordinary notoriety.

4. Elena Dementieva



Elena Dementieva stood five feet eleven inches tall as a professional tennis player from Russia. Over her career, she has consistently delivered outstanding performances. She is still ranked as the greatest tennis player despite having retired.

Among Elena’s noteworthy accomplishments is the 2008 Olympic gold medal she won in singles from Beijing. Her greatest achievement since winning the silver medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics was this. She is regarded as the most attractive female player as well.

3. Venus Williams 



Venus Williams stands six feet one inch tall as a professional tennis player from the United States. She is reputed to be the first player in history to have won both singles and doubles. She is renowned for her intense passion and commitment to every game she plays.

Williams’ greatest accomplishment to date is her seven Grand Slam victories, five of which came from Wimbledon and two from the US Open. She is thought to be among the all-time great female players.

2. Caroline Wozniacki 



At five feet and ten inches tall, Caroline Wozniacki was a professional tennis player from Denmark. Throughout her tennis career, she has performed outstandingly, which has earned her a stellar reputation.

Nothing could be more admirable than Caroline’s achievement of holding the top spot on the coveted WTA Tour for about 67 years.

1. Serena Williams



The last person on the list is Serena Williams, a 5 feet 9 inch tall American professional tennis player currently not competing. Her popularity grows with every match she plays, and she has a million supporters worldwide.

Her greatest accomplishment is holding the top spot in the singles rankings for 319 weeks. She ranks first on the list and is one of the best female tennis players.

Future Prospects

As the sport evolves, the future looks promising for tall female tennis players, with advancements in training methods and equipment enhancing their performance capabilities.

Community Engagement

Beyond their on-court achievements, tall players actively engage in community initiatives, using their platform to inspire and empower others.

Overcoming Stereotypes

Tall female players continue to challenge stereotypes and biases, proving that success in tennis is not determined by height alone but by skill, determination, and resilience.


In conclusion, tall female tennis players add depth and diversity to the sport, showcasing the myriad ways athletes can excel irrespective of their physical attributes. Their journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the limitless potential within each individual.

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