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Top 10 Best Coaches Of International Football 2024 Guide

Best Coaches Of International Football

International football has witnessed the rise of several remarkable coaches who have left an indelible mark on the sport. These coaches have guided their respective teams to glory and influenced the game with their tactical acumen, leadership qualities, and ability to nurture talent. Let’s explore football management and some of the best international football coaches.

10. Arnar Vidarsson | Iceland (2020 – Present)

arnar vidarsson

Vidarsson, an Icelandic football coach and former professional player, began his career in the sport in 1996 as a midfield player with FH. He played at FH for a season before moving to Belgium to play for Lokeren Club till 2006. Since 2020, he has been in charge of the Icelandic national team.

In 2014, a year after ending his football career professionally, he was named assistant manager of Cercle Brugge Club. He received the title of head coach a year after that. After leaving Cercle Brugge Club in 2015, Arnar led Lokeren Club from 2015 to 2019.

He has established himself as one of the best athletes and coaches in football history during his career as a player and coach. One of his greatest abilities is team management, as he skillfully prepares the squad on and off the field.

Despite having all those attributes, Arnar is ranked 10th out of the finest international football coaches this year. In addition, he currently ranks among the wealthiest sports coaches.

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9. Vladimir Petkovic | Switzerland (2014 – 2021)

vladimir petkovic

Vladimir Petkovic, a former football player from Bosnia and Switzerland, most recently served as Bordeaux’s coach. He was just eleven years old when he began playing football in Ilidza. He was an incredible talent and played as a midfielder. However, his time with the Swiss squad made him most famous.

Vladimir won the Yugoslav First League for the first time in 1984–85 while playing for Sarajevo. In 1997, he started his career as a manager following his retirement from the NFL.

Initially, he oversaw Bellinzona. He continued to manage some of the wealthiest football teams in the world after that. During the football season of 2002–2003, he managed Malcantone Agno, and the team won the league. Under his direction, Lazio also won the Coppa Italia Cup in 2012.

His family’s high level of education accounts for his discipline and polite demeanor among his teammates. Vladimir is regarded as one of this generation’s best international football coaches.


8. Luis Enrique | Spain (2019 – 2022)

luis enrique

Luis Enrique, a former football player from Spain, most recently managed the Spanish national team. Luis Enrique Martinez Garcia was a talented midfielder who used cunning techniques to outpace his opponents.

During the 1990–91 football season, he was named the La Liga Breakthrough Player of the Year. After that, he was included in the ESM Team of the Year for 1696–1797, which helped pave the way for his subsequent achievements. The greatest honor of his life was joining the FIFA 100.

Luis began managing Barcelona B in 2008 following his retirement from professional playing. In 2012, he spent a single season coaching AS Roma after serving as their coach for three seasons.

Barcelona won the FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, Copa del Rey, Supercopa de Espana, and La Liga. He took a sabbatical from club football before joining the Spanish team as their coach. And he now merits the eighth spot in our unique ranking of the top worldwide football coaches.


7. John Van’t Schip | Greece (2019 – 2021)

john vant schip

In 1972, John Van’t Schip, a former Dutch-Canadian international football player, began his career as a Winger. John won four UEFA Cups while he was a player for Ajax and Genoa. After that, he also won two Winners Cups and two European Cups.

He contributed to the Dutch national team’s 1988 European Championship win while competing for the title. In 1997, he said farewell to his playing career and took up management of the Ajax Youth Academy.

He served as the academy’s head coach for four years in a row. After that, he was the Melbourne Heart’s manager from 2010 to 2012. After that, he spent one season as the Guadalajara Club’s coach. 2016, the Melbourne City team won the FFA Cup under his leadership.

From 2019 until 2021, John was the Greece coach for the last time. It should come as no surprise that he is currently ranked seventh on our ranking of the top international football coaches.

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6. Senol Gunes | Turkey (2019 – 2021)

senol gunes

Senol Gunes, a Turkish football manager, is regarded by many as the world’s greatest football coach for 2023. He was the Erdogdu Genclik team’s goalie before starting his managerial career. Throughout his playing career, he won six Super Lig titles, three Turkish Cups, and three Turkish Super Cups for the Trabzonspor team.

In 1988, he left the world of professional football to begin a career as a coach, beginning as an assistant manager with Trabzonspor Club. However, he only stayed for one season before moving to Boluspor in 1989, where he spent the next three seasons.

Senol has currently been a head coach at almost ten different clubs. He is currently in charge of Beşiktaş, the Turkish side. Senol was a key player in Turkey’s 2002 FIFA World Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup victories.

He is one of the greatest FIFA football coaches thanks to his incredible career and accomplishments, and he deserves a sixth place among the greatest international football coaches.


5. Franco Foda | Austria (2018 – 2022)

franco foda

Franko Foda, a former football player, began playing against Brazil in 1987. He was regarded as one of the best football defenders when he was active. In 2001, Franko started his managerial career after concluding his playing career. He managed Sturm Graz before starting his coaching career. Previously, he managed FC Zürich and the Austrian national football team.

Franko spent most of his time as a coach at SK Sturm Graz, an Austrian association football team, between 2001 and 2017. He managed FC Kaiserslautern for just a single year during that time.

Franko relocated to Austria in 2018 and will continue to coach that squad through 2021. He declared he wanted to write history with absolute certainty as soon as Ukraine was defeated.

He won numerous championships as a player for FC Kaiserslautern, Bayer Leverkusen, and Sturm Graz, including two DFB-Pokal Cups, the Austrian Football Bundesliga, the Austrian Cup, and the Austrian Supercup. Franco was awarded two prizes during his tenure as manager of Sturm Graz Club: the Austrian Football League and the Austrian Cup. He is unquestionably among the top international football coaches.


4. Valeri Karpin | Russia (2021 – Present)

valeri karpin

Valeri Karpin, a Russian football manager, began playing football in 1986. Many regarded him as one of the greatest midfield players in football history. Karpin had two years of experience as a player for Sport Tallinn Club. He then spent one season playing for CSKA Moscow after that.

After that, he relocated to the Spartak Moscow Club, where he played regularly for four seasons. After joining Spartak Moscow Club, he played for four more clubs until announcing his retirement in 2005. He’d always been a huge football fan.

Spartak Moscow was the first club he managed, and he was the manager there for five years. Following that, he oversaw Mallorca in 2014 and 2015. He also spent one season as the coach of the Torpedo Armavir Club. He now manages the Russian national football team and the Rostov Club. Surprisingly, Karpin holds for several ethnicities, including Russian, Spanish, Soviet, and Estonian.

He has received numerous honors from various clubs, including two from Spartak Moscow. Karpin assisted the team in winning both the Russian Cup and the Club Russian Top Division championship. He also helped Celta win the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Intertoto Cup. Currently, he is regarded as one of the best international football managers.


3. Roberto Martinez | Portugal (2023 – Present)

roberto martinez

Roberto, a former football player, began his career at Club CF Balaguer in his hometown at nine, playing defensive midfield football. When he started playing football, he won the Copa del Rey at Real Zaragoza. Football League Third Division and Football League Trophy were two of his very early victories.

He was a committed and focused player. After his playing career ended, he went on to manage clubs, where he was quite helpful. Swansea City was the first team he led from 2007 to 2009.

He spent two years as Swansea City’s coach before moving to Wigan Athletic in 2009, where he served as the team’s coach for four seasons until 2013. After that, he began coaching Everton until 2016 he relocated to Belgium. He only recently joined the Portuguese side this year. During his managerial career, he has demonstrated that he is a very astute, knowledgeable, and skilled manager.

While managing three teams—Swansea City in the Football League One, Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup, and Belgium in the FIFA World Cup—Roberto received three awards. His accomplishments are sufficient to declare him the best manager of international football.


2. Joachim Low | Germany (2006 – 2021)

joachim low

Joachim began playing football in 1978 and is a retired player. He is more than his appearance says; he is a very thoughtful individual and a competent coach. Nonetheless, most of his supporters consider him among the most physically fit male athletes of all time.

Since 2006, he has been a German football coach. His 2015 FIFA World Coach of the Year victory was the cutest thing ever for his supporters and team. Additionally, he and his team were quite proud of themselves after winning the FIFA World Cup a year prior on behalf of their national teams and countries.

For the inaugural FIFA Confederations title in the competition’s history, Low assisted Germany in defeating Chile in 2017. With 70 wins out of 103 games, Low had the greatest winning percentage throughout the DFB period.

Low used to make the players incredible performers above all else, treating them as his own. And these days, several football analysts think he produced some of the greatest players in history.


1. Roberto Mancini | Italy (2018 – Present)

roberto mancini

Italy’s national football team has been coached by former player Roberto Mancini since 2018. He was a deep-lying forward in his playing career. In addition, a number of analysts named him one of the greatest football forwards of all time.

During his playing career, Roberto has received the Guerin d’Oro. 1996–97, he was also awarded Serie A Footballer of the Year. In addition, Roberto holds the three honors he received during his playing career: Football Legend, Golden Foot, and Serie A Italian Footballer of the Year.

Additionally, in 2001, upon his retirement from professional football, he became a coach at Fiorentina. He spent a year as that club’s manager. In 2002, he came to Lazio after leaving Fiorentina, where he led the team for two years.

He also took home three trophies while managing Manchester City: the FA Community Shield, FA Cup, and Premier League. 2020 saw Italy win the UEFA European Championship while he was their coach. Thanks to his accomplishments, he is now the greatest international football coach in history. Furthermore, he deserves the first slot on our ranking of the finest worldwide football coaches.


In conclusion, the best coaches of international football not only excel in tactical acumen but possess the leadership qualities and vision to inspire their teams to greatness. Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Vicente del Bosque, Joachim Löw, and Didier Deschamps are shining examples of coaching excellence, leaving an enduring legacy in the football world.

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