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Top 10 Best Looking Female Hockey Players 2024 Guide

Best-Looking Female Hockey Players

In the dynamic world of sports, athleticism often takes the spotlight, but the significance of aesthetics and attractiveness cannot be overlooked, especially in female hockey. This article explores the allure of female hockey players beyond their skills on the ice. We delve into the criteria for evaluating their appearance, highlight some of the most visually captivating players, discuss the impact of beauty standards in sports, and address the challenges female athletes face in navigating perceptions of attractiveness.

Best Looking Female Hockey Players – 2024 Ranking

10. Amanda Kessel

Amanda Kessel

In case you are unfamiliar with the world of the U.S. women’s national team, one of their best forwards until recently was the kid brother of NHL star Phil Kessel.

Due to specific concerns about concussions, she has decided to give up hockey while still a member of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers.

She was severely injured at the Olympics in Sochi, and she started to worry that if she played any more and took a chance of receiving another severe blow to the head, she would develop significant health issues.

Moving on from the serious health concerns to the topic of this essay, Amanda is an actual Wisconsinite fox, even though her brother seems to be eating cheeseburgers nonstop (sorry, Phil). She is undoubtedly among the most attractive female ice hockey players.

9. Halli Krzyzaniak

Halli Krzyzaniak

Halli: “Don’t try to pronounce my last name.” Krzyzaniak, a native of gorgeous Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, looks to be one of the most charming jewels on the Canadian women’s national hockey team.

Though Brandon, Manitoba, is a lovely area, there is little else to do there. Thus, the defense woman grew incredibly good at the game.

After competing for the Canadian under-18 team in 2012 and winning a gold medal, she started playing for the University of North Dakota in 2013.

8. Susanna Tapani

Susanna Tapani Best Looking Female Hockey Players

She presently competes in the Finnish women’s league with HPK. At the 2011 and 2015 World Championships, left-winger Susanna Tapani credibly won two bronze medals with the Finnish women’s national teams.

She participated in the Olympics in Sochi in 2014 and briefly represented the University of North Dakota.

In addition to her skill at hockey, she has a stunning figure and participates in ringette, one of the riskiest sports, when the ice melts.

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7. Viona Harrer

Viona Harrer Best Looking Female Hockey Players

Houston, look at this, sweetie. Spread the word about this to every city. German goalie Viona Harrer has the same appearance as the kind of lady you may see a few tables away at a pub, sipping a beer, who giggles when you accidentally look her in the eye.

That’s generally how dreams begin, after all. She has eight years of experience playing competitive hockey.

She has participated in professional men’s league competitions and played for the women’s national team. She is, without a doubt, among the most attractive female ice hockey players of 2024.

6. Emerance Maschmeyer

Emerance Maschmeyer

Emerance Maschmeyer comes in at number six on the list of the top 10 most attractive female hockey players for 2024.

She is regarded as one of the most attractive goalies of her era and is quite skilled at what she does. She is ranked sixth on this list thanks to her goalkeeping abilities.

5. Tanja Eisenschmid

Tanja Eisenschmid

Rank five among the ten most attractive female hockey players in 2024 is a stunning blonde who hails from Kaufbeuren, Germany. Eisenschmid, 22, has been a well-liked player for the national team since 2013.

Like the following stunning addition to this near-perfect list, she is a member of the University of North Dakota women’s hockey team. Although she has yet to win any medals with her national team, she has earned a significant place on this list.

4. Hilary Knight

Hilary Knight Best Looking Female Hockey Players

I apologize to you, Americans, for not placing your favorite beauty at the top of the top 10 most attractive female hockey players in 2024.

She’s pretty close, and if this were an article listing the world’s sexiest female hockey players in 2024, she would most likely be the clear winner.

Hilary Knight has been one of the most impressive athletes of the last ten years, having won five gold medals in world championships since 2008 and two silver in the 2010 and 2014 Olympics.

Like so many people on this list, she is not only ridiculously talented but also attractive enough to drive some models crazy with jealousy.

3. Angelina Goncharenko

Angelina Goncharenko

The twenty-one-year-old Moscow native who ranks third on our list of the top 10 most attractive female hockey players of 2024 has represented her country in defense during two World Championships and an Olympic Games. She has earned the right to hold our hearts and our number three slot.

In addition, she is a player in the Russian Women’s Hockey League for Moscow.

In 2013, she participated in the World Championship with the national team and took home a bronze medal. However, she didn’t score any points in that competition. She is 5’10” and has excellent legs that perfectly complement her stunning eyes.

2. Meeri Raisanen

Meeri Raisanen

Meeri, our number two, is another gem among the top 10 most attractive female hockey players of 2024. She has experience as a goalie for the Finnish national team. She is proof positive of the cliche that all Scandinavian women are blonde bombshells, much like the other Fins on our list.

I’ll give you the first one away immediately; she’s another goalie, by the way.

1. Anna Prugova

Anna Prugova

Here, there was never an actual competition to be number one. Although the other women on the list are attractive, Russian goaltender Anna Prugova is unquestionably superior to them due to her stunning appearance. In 2010, she made her debut for the Russian national team.

And since her arrival, people have been saying how amazing she is. She is gorgeous, with a beautiful face and all the rest, regardless of the area of her body you like the most. She was the youngest competitor in the Olympic women’s hockey competition 2010.

Beauty Standards in Sports

The perception of beauty in sports has evolved, reflecting broader societal changes and cultural influences. Historically, female athletes were often judged solely on their appearance, but there is a growing appreciation for their skills and athleticism. As the definition of beauty continues to expand, female hockey players challenge stereotypes and redefine beauty standards in sports.


While the attractiveness of female hockey players may capture attention, their talent, dedication, and sportsmanship genuinely define them. As fans, it’s essential to appreciate their skills on the ice and support their endeavors beyond their appearance. By celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity, we can foster a more welcoming environment for female athletes in hockey and beyond.

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